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About Us, presented by Life Event Gifts (L.E.G.), is the nation’s Central Giving destination. 

Specializing in Giving “Close to Home”
We were established to help support the personal needs of the community.  As we know, there’s never any shortage of need.   Rather than set-up another service for causes, research funds or causes abroad, L.E.G. was established to enable you to benefit people directly in your network and your neighborhood.  Of all of the requests for help, you’re most committed to those “close to home” —your family, friends and neighbors—people you know, working to meet real every day, practical expenses related to job loss, health and funeral needs, education and more.

Real Dollars for Real Expenses
Money is always helpful.

Weddings--These days, couples are getting married later and life and have many of the household gift items they need.  Yet, expenses for the actual wedding or reception, dream honeymoon still apply.  Help meet the need with a cash gift.

Funeral—You can never be certain who has insurance and if it’s enough.  Long after flowers are gone, real expenses remain.  Or maybe a family has the desire to create a memorial or scholarship fund.

Medical Expense.   Maybe insurance covers doctor visits, but not the travel expenses for cancer treatment, food costs, and specialized care.

Higher Education—Graduating from High School and going to College? Yeah, that takes money too.  Tuition, books, room & board, food.  Pursue scholarships, but here, also, take the initiative and create your own scholarship fund by creating a gift page.

Job Loss—The job is gone, and opportunities are slim, you haven’t stopped.  You’re now pursuing your passion to be an Entrepreneur, establish a gift fund for new business—tools, supplies, business cards, etc.

Give Small…Make a Big Impact
We understand that the economy is tough, so we’ve designed this service to encourage small amounts so everyone can participate.  Just a $5 contribution, when combined with those of a group can add up to meet great gifts, bills, book scholarships, transportation expenses, flowers and more!  Of course, you always have an opportunity to give more if your budget allows.

Fast & Efficient
Move at the speed of technology.  Make a gift online or using your phone’s internet.  Great for meeting immediate needs of disasters.

Perfect for Any Occasion
Beyond need-based events, the service also supports special occasions—such as weddings, new births, graduation and new business start-ups.

As you can see, virtually any Life Event and gift can be supported here, serving as your Central Giving resource.  When there’s a need to give, is the destination.

Nonprofits & Charities
For those who have special causes you’d like to support, register your organization here to receive the exposure, recognition and even funding, for just being a part of this community.

Total Life Event Support
The financial gift is only the beginning of our support.  Here, you’ll find education, information, suppliers, events and more related to your gift need.  Just click the Resources link to get started.

Looking for Maximum reach, take advantage of advertising and sponsorships.  Request a sponsor and advertising package here.

Speaking of life events, visit this site for suppliers for occasions.  Here’s a small sample of available suppliers.  Be sure to click the SupplierCentral for more.

Life Event

Suppliers (example of categories)

Jobs Loss

Retailers, Gift Card
Estate Attorneys, Flowers, Printers
Colleges, Insurance, Banking
Clergy, Jewelers, Travel Consultants, Venues

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