Pay It Forward

Imagine this: A flood rushes in and overtakes your home. You are suddenly a stranded homeowner in search of room and board, transportation and clothing.

Or this: You lose your job unexpectedly.  After just one missed paycheck, you can’t make your mortgage payment at all and you have to decide which utility bill you should try to pay.

Or this: You’re a college student and you’ve just come to terms with the fact that you must quit school in order to work because, in your current circumstances, an education is a luxury.

Tragically, too many of your neighbors are not imagining these’s their reality.  Statistics consistently show that too many of us are just one paycheck from homelessness. 

Pay It Forward
The combination of natural disasters and recession has placed a staggering number of individuals, families and businesses on a road of despair.  If you are fortunate enough to not need assistance, you probably want to provide assistance to those who have not been as fortunate as you have been.  To help you directly and immediately address some of the most pressing needs, we’re embarking on a new pay it forward campaign called Too Close to Home.  The name is fitting considering many of us have personal acquaintances in need-based situations that affect their lives and livelihood.  Your contribution could help a friend and demonstrates a genuine respect and compassion for others, and the cumulative effect supports the community at-large.

Who are the beneficiaries?
To launch this effort, we’ll first identify feature beneficiaries—feature nonprofit organizations or families in need.  Job Loss victims, Medical Hardships, College Fund, Homeless, Disaster Victims, Crime Victims, Youth Causes?  You decide.  The community will submit and vote for the organization, family or cause you’d like to see supported.

In addition to the community feature, we’re also calling for “Presidents and Leaders” – the city’s most prominent citizens — media personalities, organization presidents, board chairmen, CEOs, executive directors and pastors – to take the lead in championing this effort by also selecting an organization or family for whom they will help raise donations.  

Contributions will be raised through an online campaign at then culminate with “Rush Hour”, a one-day street campaign conducted by the “Presidents and Leaders” to raise more additional visibility of our communities’ plight and the effort to respond to the need.

Everyone Can Participate!
What if my cause isn’t selected as a feature?  Good News! Beyond featured causes, you still can still raise awareness and money for other organizations or individuals in need.  Just start a CG gift page at today and invite friends and family to contribute.  We will be driving the city to, so having a visible presence there enhances awareness of your cause and your opportunity to raise funds.

Keep in mind, this effort isn’t about solving all problems or curing all needs.  It’s designed to incite the community to take direct and immediate action and to bring awareness to the most important issues of the day.  In addition to facilitating contributions, support will also be provided through learning events and seminars.


Aug 1 – Sep 1

Nominations for orgs, causes, and families
Presidents & volunteer sign-up

Sep 25 – Oct 1

Votes for organizations, causes, and families featured online

Oct 1 – Oct 21

Online contributions

Oct 21

“Rush Hour” live contributions street activity

Nov 1

Contribution results announced

*Tentative. Dates subject to change.



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