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Affiliate Service Institutions

Promote to Your Members & Network and Receive Added Exposure & Revenue Opportunities.

  • Affiliate Service Institutions (ASIs) are “brokers” and supporters of this site. Institutions with large reach, that advise their member or client network of CG service and can set-up accounts on behalf of members. Churches, Hospitals, Schools, Financial Service Organizations, Fraternal Organizations, Corporations, Funeral Homes are some of the organizations.
  • ASI Benefits
    • Free banner ad bi-monthly (minimum)
    • Organization Profile article on CG
    • Annual payout: $1 per gift page set-up by organization
    • Members recognize this as a benefit: a convenient way to support others in network
    • Annual bonus (Develop your scholarship or other fund):
      • .25% ($306.25 max) if broker gift pages yield at least $122,500 (e.g., 350 gift pages $350 each)
      • .5% ($1,750 max) if broker gift pages yield at least $350,000 (e.g., 1,000 gift pages @ $350 each)
  • ASI Candidate Minimum Qualifications (may request consideration for exceptions)
    • 2 years in existence
    • Physical street address
    • Live phone support during business hours (administrative assistant or receptionist or other verifiable customer support)
    • Active organization website
    • 500 members/employees or reach of 1,000 consumers annually - (smaller organizations in good standing, and part of a registered national organization may also qualify)
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